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The Countryside

Not the typical Greek island.
There are no whitewashed little houses with blue shutters, no bare hills over the beaches
here. Geography has blessed the island with a marvelous and special natural environment,
interspersed with charming ancient villages waiting for you to explore.

The Nature
Corfu is an everlush island, large enough to maintain Nature’s tranquility at numerous areas
both inlands and by the coastline. Even in the heart of the dry Mediterranean summer, Corfu
is green, so then imagine -or even better witness- how gloriously colourful the countryside
Take a short walk off the busy road, or even better a long hike and awaken your senses by
the colours, the scents and the sounds of the busy ecosystem which surrounds you. Search
for the dozens of different varieties of wild orchids, the daffodils, the lilies, the hyacinths and
the herbs, dispersing from the coastal sand dunes to the mountain slopes.
Or, if you are a little more adventurous, follow the naturalist path and get to meet the
island’s crawling or flying inhabitants. From brilliant butterflies to magnificent flamingoes,
Corfu has several masters of the air to present, while many more creatures, from oaters
living in the lagoons to foxes on the mountains won’t mind if you take a discreet peak of
their industrious lives.

Visit, leaving nothing but your footprint behind:
The Alykes at Lefkimmi
The Antiniotis Lagoon
The Erimitis and Arkoudillas areas
The Halikounas-Issos Natura 2000 area
The Chalikiopoulos lagoon
The Vidos island

Corfu Butterfly Conservation
The Flowers of Corfu
Corfu Wildlife

The villages

Almost two-thirds of the Corfiot population live in the rural part of the island, mostly in the
approximately 150 villages. But while some of them emerged in the past few decades of
tourism development, dozens of villages have maintained their architectural heritage and
hence they are now protected as officially designated traditional settlements. At once
abandoned hamlets or at populus small towns, look for the rustic architectural details and
traces of their fascinating past. And take your time, too, to meet the locals and enjoy their
genuine hospitality and stories, over an aromatic coffee or a glass of leavening Corfiot wine.

Old Peritheia
Agioi Deka

Corfu Mountain Trail
Kassios Dias Trail Run

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