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With internationally recognized philharmonic orchestras and choirs, Corfu is a perennial source of music. This cultural dynamic is prominent in the world of music and is stamped on the religious festivities and music events with exceptional quality.
You will find out that, music is the prevailing Art on the island.
Music exists everywhere; in the fetes, in the Saint’s processions, even in Corfu’s dialect. The magnificent melodious nights in the town’s narrow paved streets, the international music events and the Ionian University’s seminars attract thousands of music fans every summer.
Easter time is probably the best period to discover the decisive influence of music in the island’s religious tradition. Choirs, ecclesiastic music concerts, bands and the processions of the Saint express the Divine Drama. Devout atmosphere, thousands of visitors, the unique habits and customs like the “Pot throwing(botides)” custom on Holy Saturday morning offer an once-in-a-lifetime experience!
In this glorious celebration, various elements come together harmoniously; the Christian faith, the pre-Christian tradition, the powerful presence of Saint Spyridon, the Catholic community and of course the spring atmosphere.

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Corfu Choir welcomes the visitors of our island and wishes them an..
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Easter in Corfu town (Schedule of events): Friday, eve of Lazarus Saturday 18:00 Special event..
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The "Kapodistrias" Philharmonic Band was founded in 1980 and is one of..
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The Corfu Philharmonic Society (also known as the "Old Philharmonic") was founded..
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Founded in 1990 after an idea of ​​the village women's association. Since..
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The building of the Municipal Theater of Corfu was the main theater..
Palm Sunday 11:00 Procession of the sacred relic of Saint Spyridon. On Palm..
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Phaex Festival ➡️ 3 - 6 AUG @ CORFU ISLAND  (19:00 3/8..
#ABOUT Phaex Festival is bringing together Electronic music culture and historical locations in..
It was the beginning of 1960 when Nikolaos Pigis of Nikolaou (president..
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