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Palaces, fortresses, museums, libraries, galleries, churches, interesting public buildings and privet mansions, public, privet and archaeological sites, sites of natural and special interest, traditional houses, verdurous olive groves, picturesque ports and blue beaches make an unexpected puzzle on the area of the Municipality of Corfu, that lives speechless even the most demanding visitor.

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The Byzantine Museum is housed in the Panagia Antivouniotissa church. The church..
Corfu Choir welcomes the visitors of our island and wishes them an..
visit corfu ionian academy
The Ionian Academy housed the first Greek University and nowadays is a..
visit corfu beaches king miachael george palace
The attempt for the reopening of the Municipal Gallery in the palace..
The Municipal Regional Theatre of Corfu was founded in 1997. It is the..
dhmotiko thetro
The Municipal Theatre, with an intense cultural activity, illustrating the Corfiots’ need..
visit corfu museum asian art
The Palace of  St. Michael and St George was built  by the..
anagnostiki311019 750x440 1
The Reading Society of Corfu was established in 1836, -it is the..
The Monastery of Platytera was founded in 1743 by the Leucadian monk..