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The Flavors

Starting with the Odyssey and Homer’s account of the Phaeacian hospitality, food is
distinctively valued as a means of human contact and as a pillar of the local culture. Indeed,
in the local cuisine, through your senses, you will discover Corfu’s history and the locals’
perception of life. The Greek identity is prominent in the Corfiot culinary culture, and so is
the Venetian influence. But there’s more! Agricultural products have traveled from far away
and settled here, and quite a few British twists season the local table.

The products
All the Mediterranean products are grown on the island; not in large quantities as in the
past, but you can definitely find the original flavours and scents of this land.
The olive oil of the local variety, called “Lianolia” comes first, with its thinner texture, milder
flavour and finer aftertaste promising to capture your taste buds. But remember, the olive
tree and the olive oil have a long history here and contributed in shaping the Greek culture.
Discover more about the stories the ancient olive trees have to share with you, while being
initiated in the olive oil tasting, at Corfu’s several visitable olive mills, which are eager to
share with you the deep knowledge of their product, the cornerstone of the Mediterranean
Evdokia”, the 1200 years old olive tree.
Mitera”, the over 1000 years old olive tree.
The Governor” olive mill with museum.
Mavroudis” olive mill with museum.
Enotis” olive mill with museum.
The olive museum “Donatos Paipetis”.

Wine is high on the list of your tasting endeavors in Corfu. Praised by Thucydides and
…James Bond, the local wine promises to charm you. Equally old as the olive oil, wine is
connected to all aspects of life here. As a libation to those who passed, as fuel for the noted
Greek celebrations, or as a substance of bonding, wine is a basic asset of the local heritage.
Take the chance to explore the local wine culture, by visiting the welcoming wineries in
Corfu’s countryside.
The “Theotoky Estate”.
The “Ampelonas” vineyard.
The “Dr Kavvadias” organic farm.
The “Pontiglio” winery.
The “Goulis” winery.
The “Livadiotis” winery.
The “Borovino” winery.
The “Grammenos” winery.
The “Nikolouzo” winery.

And of course, don’t miss out the gustatory experiences other local products have to offer.
The star is surprisingly a fruit which came here form the Far East: Kumquat, the small citrus
was introduced about a century ago, but immediately found its place in the local homes and
even the customs. The liqueurs, the spoon sweet, the marmalade can be enjoyed in so many
more than just one way each, as both the traditional and the modern gastronomy prove.
The “sykomaida”, or “fig-pie” is also one of the Corfiot specialties you should try. A thick and
solid paste, made of sundried figs, ouzo and mastic, must, fennel and black pepper, is
definitely a delicacy that can’t be ignored. Whether enjoyed on its own -with a brandy or
ouzo- or combined with cheese and cold cuts, the fig-pie will seduce your senses.

The cuisine
Corfu’s Italian influences go beyond architecture, and can be traced deep in the local cuisine.
Venice traded spices and their ships used to stop at the port of Corfu during their journeys,
making the spices easily accessible for the locals. Therefore, in Corfu expect a rather
aromatic cuisine, where different spices and herbs blend and elevate the local ingredients, in
slow-cooking recipes. Try pastitsada (beef or rooster in a red aromatic sauce), sofrito (beef in
a parsley, garlic and vinegar sauce), bourdetto (fish in a red hot sauce) and bianco (fish in a
white pepper and lemon broth), and then explore the vegetarian side too, with tsigarelli
(wild greens stew with spices), neratzosalata (a salad with bitter orange, onions and paprika)
and the plainly boiled Corfiot wild greens with local olive oil and a squeeze of local lemon.
And later, when you return home and taste again the Corfiot goods you brought with you, all
the fabulous memories will awake again to make you experience your holidays one more

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