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The early Christian Basilica (5th century) of Paleopolis is one of the..
Despite Corfu’s proximity to mainland Greece, where Jewish communities have existed since..
Miniscule island, opposite Kontokali, just 2 miles from Corfu. It was a..
Tomb of Menekrates in Corfu
A cenotaph burial monument in honor of Menecrates who was consul of..
visit corfu mon repos
It is located within the park of Mon Repos, a 258 acres ..
visit corfu sights old fortress
One of the most distinctive features of the portrait of the town..
At the southeastern end of the city is the area of ​​ancient..
Serbs called Corfu the “island of salvation”, after the biggest exit in..
The archaic temple of Artemidos Gorgos was built in the beginning of..
The Monastery of Platytera was founded in 1743 by the Leucadian monk..
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