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At the southeastern end of the city is the area of ​​ancient Corfu, Paleopolis. It is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Corfu, with many attractions and a holiday tradition long before the era of mass tourism. From here begins the peninsula of Kanoni which hosts the most famous and most popular landmarks of the island; Mon Repo, Kanoni with the mouse island and the Casino.

The habitation in Paleopolis, which was the core of the ancient city of Corfu, begins at the end of the 8th century BC, when the Corinthian settlers arrived in the area. It was then abandoned in the Middle Ages, due to its destruction by barbaric raids, and its inhabitants founded the modern city of Corfu. The ancient city extends from the Halikiopoulos lake (the ancient material port) to the west and reaches the bay of Garitsa (the port of Alkinou) to the east. To the west, the archeological site is bordered by the visible part of the fortification of the ancient city, known as the Nerantziha wall, which is preserved on a low hill south of Corfu airport. To the east of the wall, a large part of the paving of the market of the ancient city and the remains of various buildings have been discovered. At the eastern end of the ancient market the visitor meets part of the ancient port facilities, while further south is a bath complex of Roman times (the best preserved building of the time in the area). In the area of ​​Paleopolis we meet a multitude of monuments of the past and we have the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the evolution and prosperity of the city.

More info (Museum of Palaiopolis/Mon Repo):


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