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The Gastouri music band "Omonia"

The Gastouri music band "Omonia" is an independent musical association, situated in the village of Gastouri of the Achilleon municipality, approximately 500 m from the renowned Achilleon Palace. Based in a privately owned building, donated by M. Pofandi in the year 1906. The band has functioned continuously since its foundation in 1898 and continues to do so until the present day. It is the third oldest philharmonic band in Corfu and indeed the oldest of the rural communities not only in Corfu but the whole of Greece.
It was originally founded to spread the art of music and dramatics among the residents of Gastouri and the surrounding areas.
In the 111 years of its constant and uninterrupted presence it has adorned the island of Corfu. The band has proudly represented Corfu in many appearances both in Greece and abroad, deservedly receiving numerous awards and distinctions. (On 20/2/1960 they were awarded 1st prize at the 7th carnival of the Club Mediterrane , on 22/5/1960 they took 1st prize at Corfian festival and in May 1995 along with the generous participation of Kleo Denardou they took part in the New Philadelphia Philharmonic festival receiving an award for their joint performance. In 1996 with the cooperation of the baritone Pantelis Kontos they received outstanding praise from the music loving audience.
In September 1998 the band traveled to Band Ishl in Austria to participate in the festive manifestations in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth). The band continues to give the opportunity to all local children to enter the world of music, many of whom take up distinguished positions in the musical sections of the Armed Forces and in the much wider private musical sector.
At the present date the band consists of 90 musicians .A further 40 students are presently attending lessons in theory. A quintet and a light music orchestra complete the body of this admirable organization.
Today with Yannis Tsipis as president of the nine member administrative board and Spiros Rallis as conductor, the Philharmonic band of Gastouri continues its course in time, always respectful of Corfu tradition and the original purpose of its foundation.


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