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Sinarades Philharmonic

It was the beginning of 1960 when Nikolaos Pigis of Nikolaou (president of the community) and Nikolaos Grammenos (employee of the community) took the first steps to establish a philharmonic in the village of Sinarades. Their initiative immediately found a positive response from all their fellow villagers as many rushed to support it financially and morally. The lessons at the Philharmonic began in January 1961 with the first chief musician Vassilis Kritikos while at the same time the purchase of the first instruments took place. For the conduct of the lessons, the parish of Agios Nikolaos, Sinarades granted a traditional building next to the church to house the Philharmonic. This space was used until 2004 when the Philharmonic was relocated to a privately owned building, donated by the Agricultural Cooperative of the Community of Sinarades.

Particular emphasis has been placed on teaching both theoretical and instrumental courses. For this reason, from 2001 onwards, the Board of Directors gradually hired specialised teachers for each family of instruments. Since 2001, a Student Band has been operating alongside the regular band, with the participation of 60 children under the age of 17, who during each school year have the opportunity to present work samples based on the continuous and systematic teaching of music. The Philharmonic Orchestra currently consists of 120 active members, who, in addition to public appearances in parades and processions, present 5 to 6 concerts per year, often in collaboration with notable Greek artists.


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