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Home / Activities / Corfu Holograms map and routes (Digital Guide of Unesco Old Town)

Corfu Holograms map and routes (Digital Guide of Unesco Old Town)


The project entitled "Digital Navigation Guide using Augmented Reality and Holograms" is implemented by the inArts (Interactive Arts) laboratory of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University and is funded by the Operational Program "Ionian Islands 2014-2020". The project is coordinated by Mr. Ioannis Deligiannis, Associate Professor.

The project aims at developing a complete interactive navigation guide for the Old Town of Corfu, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, intended to be used both by the visitors and the locals.

As for its key function, this innovative tool has been developed to provide useful and reliable information, accompanied by high-quality audiovisual material, revealing 80 points of interest within the Monument of the Old Town of Corfu.

In this context, the latest photogrammetric techniques are applied so that the user has the possibility to become familiar with all elements that compose the monument and to gain in-depth knowledge of them. Elements of the POIs are modelled in the form of high-quality holograms, thus contributing to the strong innovative character of the project as in addition to identifying POIs and navigating through them, the user can also explore specific aspects which are often not visible even if one stands near these points of interest.


The Project envisages:

A) the creation of an easy-to-use application that will offer POIs (historical places of interest) location services, providing high-quality information and multimedia content;

B) the creation of holographic pyramids with the corresponding holographic content,

C) the development of a geographic information system for remote users, accompanied by audiovisual material for points of interest, for tourism and educational purposes;

D) the development of a Thematic Channel dedicated to the Old Town of Corfu, which is a World Cultural Heritage Site, in Europe’s digital platform (database) EUROPEANA providing open access to metadata for reuse and exploitation purposes.

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