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Corfu international Festival,

Dear fellow citizens and distinguished guests,

It is with great honour and pleasure that we welcome you to the
Corfu International Festival!

A new festival with a unique and special character that opens its
gates in September 2022 aiming to become an institution whose
prestige and fame will travel all around the world.
Through a plethora of artistic events from different fields throughout
the year, our city and island will flourish with images, sounds,
melodies, tastes and smells from every corner of the world,
expressing an air of celebration, euphoria and unity.

Corfu International Festival is created for and addressed to
everyone with no exclusions, generously offering the opportunity to
an extensive and diverse selection of events, featuring great artists
of global scale, from different artistic fields. Historical monuments
and emblematic places of Corfu "become alive" again, re-introduced
in novel ways, making the festival an integral part of our life and our
island, which regains a dynamic presence in the European and
international cultural scene.

With the valuable cooperation of our services and the exemplary
colleagues that we have selected thoroughly, and along with our
sponsors, friends and volunteers’ support, the Municipality of
Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, gracefully offers a meeting
point for fruitful creation, thought and cultural production.
We invite all our fellow citizens, as well as visitors from all over the
world, to entertain themselves at the events and to experience
through them the unique Corian element that constitutes their

In the island of Corfu with its long history, has
always been a crossroads of cultures, different creations and ideas
will blend through the universal language of the arts.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all!

Merope Hydraiou
Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands


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