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Union of the Ionian Islands

With the treaty signed on 17/29 March 1864 between the three Powers (England, France and Russia) and the Greek kingdom, the Ionian Islands finally passed to Greek rule on the 21st of May. It has been established every year on the 21st of May to hold a parade of traditional departments with traditional costumes, school groups, students of the Ionian University, the Hellenic Red Cross, Scouts, Armed Forces, Emergency Forces and with the participation of the Philarmonic bands: “Filarmoniki Etaireia Kerkyras”(Palaia), Filrmoniki Etaireia “Mantzaros”, Filarmoniki Ano Korakianas “O Spyros Samaras” and Filarmoniki Enosi “O Kapodistrias”.

Gathering of groups on Agoniston Polytechniou Street.

Starting point: Agoniston Polytehneiou

End of procession: Palace of Saints Michael and George.


Date & Time

May 21, 2021

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