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A Corfu Design Root #Local_Is_The_New_Global

Behind the main sites of Corfu, away from the bustle of the main streets of the town, in between alleyways, less visited villages and tucked in secluded olive groves a small burgeoning scene of creative businesses, craftspeople and contemporary artisans has taken hold. Inspired by the rhythm of life on the island, the visible and intangible cultural palimpsest available, this diverse group has been busy carving their authentic, contemporary and creative stamp on the island. Running the gamut from the recognized cultural asset of traditional olive-oil soap, to contemporary candle making, award winning olive oil, and from uber-creative ceramics to ultra-low impact handcrafted bags from the sea, contemporary dance and a new minimalism in crafts Corfu is emerging as creative hub tying the Adriatic and the Ionian sea in a unique cultural route that we invite you to explore.