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6 useful (common/inquiries you may know about Corfu)

1. The water from the faucets is not drinkable (is not dirty, but has got high of percentage of salts), better use portable water bottles from the markets.

2. Pay attention on crossing roads, because in Greece, drivers do not use to stop,  before crosswalks and many accidents are happen. You have to be very careful when crossing the roads!

3. Do not throw papers or other rubbish into the toilet. Use the garbage baskets next to the toilet in order to avoid serious malfunction of the toilet's drain.

4. Especially in old town you may see some cockroaches... do not fear! most of them are already dead (upside down),  this thing is very common in big narrow cities due the humidity and drain system.. It is very difficult to get rid of them, *don't blame the shop or  apartment owners if you see any... :)

5.  Every time you pay, by card or cash, you have to ask for a tax receipt.

6. In old Corfu Town, (due to UNESCO restrictions) music in cafe/bars/restaurants stops at 23:59.

7. For injured stray animals you can call contracted veterinarian doctor Dr. Mpourlogiannis tell: 0030-2661033277 or mail to: [email protected] address: Ethnikis Palaiokastritsas 31 (mainland national road from Corfu town to Paleokastritsa, Solari area).

8. In case of any emergency you have to call 112 or 166 for Ambulance. (direct and free of charge..)



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