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The Educational Cultural Association of Afra was founded on May 25th, 1984 Since then it has played an important part in the culture, the social and environmental development and overall upgrading of the village.

We feel very proud when we refer to the work of our association and its course over time.

The selfless offer of the association to the residents of our village and the claim of our goals

do not come easy, but after intense and coordinated effort.

The purpose of the association is to preserve and promote our culture’s heritage through educational content, as well as through events with the participation of the youth of the area.

The number of permanent residents at the moment in our village after the last census is 2150 and is considered the largest village in the Municipality of Corfu.

Our beautiful village is located in the centre of the island, with Byzantine bridges of unique architecture, well-preserved mansions and churches. It borders on the north with the villages of Kyra Chrysikou, Temploni, Potamos, Agios Ioannis, and south with Triklino, Kompitsi and Alepou.

Regarding the name of the village, it was said that because of the fact that it was located on the banks of two rivers, their waters were foaming as they met and so the name Afra (afros - foam) by the then inhabitants.

Guided by the book of the late philologist-historian Mr. Kostas Karamoutsos originating from Afra, he pointed out through a five-year research in General Archives of Corfu and Lefkada, that 2000 Souliotes (from Souli, in Eipirus, mainland Greece) settled in the village during the years of 1803 to 1840.

*‘Soulioton Genealogies, Konstantinos Karamoutsos, Papazisis publications, 2008.


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