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Mon Repos

It is located within the park of Mon Repos, a 258 acres  large area  full of exotic long-lived plants.
The neoclassical mansion was built in 1831 A.D. by the Corfiot architect John Chronis for the British Commissioner Adams, or more specifically for his Corfiot wife (nee Palatianos),  as a summer residence . During the British domination  it  briefly  housed  the Seminary.
After the union with Greece (1864 A.D.) it was used as a summer Royal Palace. During the Occupation (1940-1944) it was a  resort  of  the  Italian political governor of the Ionian islands, Parini.
Nowadays the park is open to the public , whereas  the mansion has  become a museum.

More Info: http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/3/eh351.jsp?obj_id=6000



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