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There are at least ten (10) private and public parking areas in..
The Corfiot Easter celebrations may be said to have three fundamental characteristics..
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Discover the "other side" of Corfu, guided by the mood for adventure,..
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Palaces, fortresses, museums, libraries, galleries, churches, interesting public buildings and privet mansions,..
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Chic and delicate by nature, Corfu has an unsurpassed natural beauty. The..
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Some miles away from Corfu’s cosmopolitan life, some beautiful small islands stand..
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WHAT’S ON CORFU - INTRODUCTION Corfu is a place with special light and..
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With internationally recognized philharmonic orchestras and choirs, Corfu is a perennial source..
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Some of the island’s religious sights that are worth visiting are: the..
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The visitor that will wander around the city of Corfu, the suburbs,..
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In the Travelers Tips section, you will find useful informations about your..
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With typical Mediterranean characteristics and Venetian influences, Corfu’s cuisine bears witness to..