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Chic and delicate by nature, Corfu has an unsurpassed natural beauty. The sea, the sun and the wind have carved an impressive shoreline on the island. Golden sandy and snow-white pebbled beaches, fine carved rocks resembling sculptures from a modern gallery, trees which stretch out their shadow up to the water. With an exceptional geomorphology and notable contrasts, Corfu hosts wetlands of unsurpassed beauty and unique ecosystems, which attract fans of alternative tourism.
The east coast beaches, which are protected by the mainland shore-line are ideal for swimming due to their still waters as well as for explorations due to their rich seabed. In the northeastern coastline, there are wonderful sandy beaches with shallow waters, abundant shade and small taverns by the sea.
Corfu’s west coast beaches are “caressed” by the winds. The prevailing wind Maistro brings waves and breeze from Venice, while Ostria carries heat waves from North Africa’s beaches. As a result, the landscape is marked by long sandy beaches and some of the most beautiful rock formations.
The northwest side of the island is dominated by rocky, rugged shores and it is ideal for underwater explorations. The endless golden sandy beaches and the shallow turquoise waters of the entire west and southwest coast, at times crowded and at times hidden from the public, will always tempt you to play with the waves, the sun, the wind or read a book in peace.

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6.5 km from Corfu Town; No.7 City Bus; a ten - minute..