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23 km westbound from Corfu Town; Green bus route.

Palaeokastritsa, already known from the writings of the foreign travelers in the nineteenth century who came here to draw inspiration from its peerless natural beauty, must  be the most famous resort on the island. Trees seem to be suspended from sheer crags that hang above the green-and-blue waters. Wild-looking rock formations drop into the sea to open into domed grottoes, a magnificent exploration site for divers who come here from every corner of the globe.

The shore of Palaeokastritsa, on the east coast of the island, is carved into six coves and beaches with deep, crystalline, cold waters. The central one is Agios Spyridon, with a beautiful and protected sandy beach. It is organized and provides amenities for people with disabilities.

The beach of Alypa next door features a small harbor. Small boats and caiques take tourists on short trips along the coastline. One must see the idyllic white pebbled cove of Chomi with its crystal-clear waters, accessible only from the sea. The Monastery of the Virgin of Palaeokastritsa lies on the northern promontory of Agios Spyridon.

Above the sea, at a distance of 6 km by road, lies the traditional village of Lakones, built on the hillside and famous for the view of one of the most breathtaking sunsets in Corfu. About  3 km beyond, near the beautiful village of Krini, one may visit the ruins of the Byzantine Angelokastro castle.



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