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Corfu Mountain Trail (6-7 May 2023)

Finish line in Liston (Corfu city center) and Mouse Island in this year's Corfu mountain trail!
Renewed all four routes, the ultra route (103 km) crossing from east to west and over the ridge of Mount Pantokratora the island to the traditional village of Lakones and then passiing through all the western coastline, Paleokastritsa, Liapades, Rovinia, and Ermones.
The 44 km route starts from Ermones, and continues together with the ULTRA to Kontogialo, Glyfada, passing by all the most famous beaches of the island. This year the 24 km route will start from the village of Koinopiastes and the 12 km from the village of Benitses with a beautiful finish at the famous Liston of Corfu Town, in the square of Spianada!
All athletes will pass through the picturesque village of Gastouri where the Achillion palace is located, cross the bridge that passes between the Mouse Island and the airport runway, pass the palace of Mon Repo and the beach of Garitsa and finish in the historical center of the city of Corfu.

The races of 103 km (06:00), 44 km (15:00) and 24 km (17:00) will take place on Saturday and the 12 km (09:30) on Sunday morning. For information and registration at (International airport of Corfu with many international destinations every day )

*The Corfu Mountain Trail team has been organizing international sporting events (Corfu Mountain Trail, Corfu Old Town Trail, Greek X Hero xtri) on its beautiful island for over 10 years, highlighting nature, tradition, and historical monuments.

Taking part in any of the events the athletes get to know all the enchanting places of the entire island including the Achilleion Palace where the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” was filmed, up to the old olive groves that inspired the author Gerald Durrel to write the world famous book “ My Family and Other Animals” which as a TV series was filmed completely on Corfu island.

The Corfu Mountain Trail is a running event, which passes 25 traditional villages through 200 years old trails under the olive groves planted by the Venetians that were the only way of communication between the communities at that time. Runs through the village of Old Perithia, one of the 50 most unexplored parts of the world according to National Geographic and passes the mystical hermitage with the olive mill with its huge stones. The routes were designed to show the athletes the rich Mediterranean vegetation, the mountaintops surrounded by the endless turquoise water from both the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea, the most beautiful beaches, as well as the traditional villages that turn us back in time 100 years before.



Date & Time

May 7, 2022


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