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Casa Parlante. Reviving history. “Welcome! Please, come in! The Count will be with you presently. He ...
The Folklore Museum of Sinarades. The “Nikos Paktites” Folk Museum of Sinarades  is housed in a traditional two-floor building. It...
Lazareto. Miniscule island, opposite Kontokali, just 2 miles from Corfu. It was a monastery at the time of the Venetian...
Kynopiastes. Kynopiastes is an old, officially characterized, traditional settlement, eight (8) km south of the city of Corfu, two (2)...
Kontokali. 6.5 km from Corfu Town; No.7 City Bus; a ten - minute walk from the bus stop. ...
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Joy Cruises (Route Corfu-Paxos daily)

Travel with the luxury of a cruise ship to popular destinations.

The Greek islands. Something so close and beloved to the Greeks, a dream destination for some others. They have not accidentally taken this place in the hearts of the whole world. Small paradises, each with its own color and its own personality, scattered in the Greek seas. Meet as many as you can through an experience that will accompany you throughout your life: a luxurious cruise!

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