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Corfu is a place with special light and unique identity where ideas, currents, people and cultures meet that are tested over time. From this fermentation emerges its modern image, beauty and multiculturalism.

Everywhere on the island, there are signs of history, evidence of material and intangible culture. The first Greek music band was created here, opera was played for the first time here within the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, the first Greek university was founded here and it houses the oldest public library in operation in Greece.

Rich tradition and modern cultural activity, dozens of philharmonic orchestras, choirs, artistic groups and creators assimilate the past and develop it creatively for the future.

Every summer the wonderful melodic nights in the kantounia of the town, the international music meetings and the seminars of the Ionian University attract thousands of friends of the genre.

Easter is probably the best time to discover the catalytic effect of music on the religious traditions of the island. Choirs, church music concerts, bands and processions keep the religious tradition unchanged. Unique manners and customs with a unique experience, the breaking of the "botis" on the morning of Holy Saturday!

The Corfiot carnival with clear influences from Venice, the "Christmas Tale", with parades of philharmonic bands, dance groups and numerous artistic events, create the right conditions for enjoyable getaways even during the winter.

The international sports events of cricket, sailing, swimming, running and mountain trails in combination with the plethora of popular local celebrations and folk festivals that are organised in all the lengths and breadths of the island, contribute decisively to enhance the experience of the visitor!

In this blessed destination, where the melodies resonate in the kantounia and everyday life is directly connected with art, culture and sports, we are happy to welcome friends from all over the world to share unique life experiences together!

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