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Πεζοπορικός Ορειβατικός Σύλλογος Κέρκυρας. Ο Πεζοπορικός Ορειβατικός Σύλλογος Κερκύρας ιδρύθηκε τον Οκτώβριο του 2017 ως σωματείο και έλαβε τη σχετική...
Μαρίνα Γουβιών. Η υπερσύγχρονη μαρίνα των Γουβιών, μόλις 7 χλμ. από την πόλη, δεν αποτελεί μόνο τέλειο αραξοβόλι για χιλιάδες...
Κυνοπιάστες. Οι Κυνοπιάστες είναι ένας παλιός, επίσημα χαρακτηρισμένος, παραδοσιακός οικισμός, οκτώ (8) χλμ. νότια της πόλης, δύο (2) χλμ. δυτικά...
Μουσείο Ελιάς . Στους Κυνοπιάστες, ένα γραφικό χωριό επτά χιλιόμετρα δυτικά της πόλης , λειτουργεί το μουσείο της ελιάς <<Δονάτος...
Φιλαρμονική Σιναράδων. Ήταν αρχές του 1960 όταν ο Νικόλαος Πηγής του Νικολάου (πρόεδρο της κοινότητας) και ο Νικόλαος Γραμμένος (υπάλληλο...
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Δρομολόγια και Εισιτήρια πλοίων μεταξύ Ιταλίας-Κέρκυρας

Corfu Travel Services is a web site promoted by the already well-known and well-established Grand Sea Services, a Corfu shipping and tourism agency. Corfu Travel Services is owned by the Athanasiou family which has been involved in the tourism business since 1971.

Mrs. Katerina Athanasiou, the owner, began her career as a travel agency employee in 1971 and continued in this role until 1994 when she started her own travel agency. Since then, she has been involved in every aspect of tourism activity in Corfu such as port agent for cruise lines and cargo ships, tour operator, airline representative, port agent for SUPERFAST FERRIES and BLUE STAR FERRIES, conference sponsor and organiser.

As president of the local union of shipping agents, Mrs Athanasiou was a member of the port's administrative council and Corfu Chamber's development company. The company now is beeing managed by her children Pericles and Maria who are succesfully continuing a 52 year tradition in touristic services in Corfu.

Corfu Travel Services makes online ferry bookings (Greece-Italy and Greek islands ferries), embarkation services for Ancona and Bari, transfers all over Corfu island with the newly onwed mercedes vito but handles also a very high volume of cruise ships, ferries, cargo and yachts every summer in Corfu.

Our website is constantly updated in order to incorporate new ideas and provide top quality service to Corfu guests. Our Corfu travel guides will help you navigate through our site to the best places of Corfu.
You are always welcome in a warm and friendly enviroment in the office on 22nd, Ethnikis Antisteseos Str, which is just across the road from the new cruise passenger terminal at Corfu port.

Enviromental policy

Having an enviromental consciousness for our business means to dispose as less as possible, thus we use A4 papers from both sides (when possible) and for our transportations within town distances we own an electric scooter.

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