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Surf Center Corfu

Welcome to Surf Center Corfu

In the last couple of years the kilometer-long sandy beach in Chalikounas, located in the Southwest side of Corfu island, has developed into a popular spot for water sport enthusiasts. Both kite- and wind-surfers meet here nearly everyday to pursue their passion.

The Surf Center Corfu (SCC) is located directly on the Lake Korrission/Issos Dunes nature reserve on a strip between the sea and the lagoon. The regular Northwest wind from midday ensures optimal conditions for learning and windsurfing. Due to the shallow water near the shore, we have a perfect area to learn the basics of windsurfing.

With state-of-the-art surf equipment and our trained surf instructors, learning to windsurf from the very first hour will be a lot of fun.

The station will open in 2021 from May to October.

Our Offerings

  • Windsurf try-out, basic and advanced courses as well as private lessons
  • Rental of up-to-date windsurfing equipment
  • Storage of your windsurfing equipment during the summer
  • Boat Rescue
  • Rental of stand-up paddle and iRig
  • Rental of pedal boats

We wish you a pleasurable holiday and look forward to meeting you!

Your Surf Center Corfu Team

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