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Home / Μετακινήσεις: Μέσα Μαζικής Μεταφοράς / Implementation of traffic measures in Historical Center of Corfu, from 20:00-23:59 (4/8-27/8 2023)

Implementation of traffic measures in Historical Center of Corfu, from 20:00-23:59 (4/8-27/8 2023)

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Timetable Bus No 15 from Port (parking) to Corfu Town: 15-port



Timetable Bus No 15 from Airport (National Stadium Parking Area) to Corfu Town): No15-airport



Implementation of pilot light traffic measures in Historical Center of Corfu. After consultation with the productive bodies and the associations of permanent residents, but also with the aim of improving the image of the historic center of Corfu, the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Traffic Authority formulated a comprehensive plan of soft traffic interventions in the center of Corfu. The measures are of a pilot nature, they will be updated and evaluated continuously. They aim to end the images of traffic congestion, to end the suffering of citizens and visitors.


- In the historic center of Corfu from 20:00 in the afternoon till 23:59 in the evening, from Wednesday August 4th to Sunday August 27th, vehicle access is prohibited and will only be allowed:

a) permanent residents, two-wheelers, taxis and public transport.

b) disabled vehicles, Security Forces, Fire Brigade and ambulances.

 With the implementation of the above regulations, the entire historic center is transformed into a low-traffic area.

Parking In order to facilitate visitors as well as citizens from the implementation of the mild traffic measures, for the time being there will be a parking area (250 positions) in the new Harbour area, which will be free of charge. Entry and exit to the parking area will be made exclusively from the roundabout at the newport. The space will be available for free parking from 20:00 to 02:00.

Corfu City Bus (No 15) There is a bus station outside of the (Port) parking area (Next to HOTEL ATLANTIS towards to corfu old town).

2023 08 04 7.13.07 μμ

[caption id="attachment_6509" align="alignnone" width="300"]2023 08 04 7.00.38 μμ 1 Timetable: No15-port-old town[/caption]

*More private and public parking spaces, see here:




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