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Traditional products

The island of Corfu has a wide variety of local products. Some of the highly regarded traditional Corfiot products are:

  • Noumboulo: The Corfiot noumboulo is of excellent quality and is made of pork fillet, salted and marinated in red wine and spices and dredged with pepper. It is then wrapped in animal intestines and is smoked for 30 days on a fire with a lot of softwoods and aromatic twigs: sage, laurel, myrtle, mallow, oregano and almond cells.
  • Koum-kouat: The fruit of the tree citrus - japonica, which came in Europe from Japan in 1846 and was experimentally cultivated in Corfu by the British. Since then all its products, liqueur, glazed fruits and preserves are sold in every shop and everybody buys them.
  • Corfiot strawberries: A variety of small strawberries (like the wild strawberries) with splendid aroma. They are sold only in May.
  • Sikomaida: Made from must and dried figs it is flavoured with aniseed, pepper and ouzo. It is eaten as a dessert or as dried fruit, but can also accompany the ouzo drinkers.
  • Mandolato: Sweet made from glucose, honey, sugar, sesame pulp, meringue, rosewater and brown almonds.
  • Tsitstibira (Ginger-beer): The well-known Heptanesian refreshment since the time of the British rule. Today is made nowhere else in the Heptanese but in Corfu. Made from lemon juice, natural lemon-essence, top quality ground ginger, white raisins, water and sugar, today is prepared by a small family-industry of the island, which 'kneads' in its caldrons the historical refreshment. Tasty and refreshing it is ready to be drank after three weeks of fermentation and is served in the cafes from Easter until the autumn. Because of the great demand for the product in Corfu, it is always fresh and is best served ice cold.
  • Corfiot Beers: The Corfiot Brewery, one of the first breweries in Greece, produces since 2006 fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized beers, without preservatives.
  • Olive oilsoap: The traditional soap factory with a history of 170 years continues to produce handmade soap based on olive products. The factory is open to visitors.

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