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Parking Stations in the Center of Corfu Town

While your visit Corfu town you can park your car easily in on of the ten (10) private and public parking stations, where located in a very short distance from the old town.

Corfu Town Park stations index:

  1. Near San Rocco Square (G. Theotoki) Ger. Lihnou str. (turning to the right, towards to old mental hospital,Chr. Tsirigoti square )
  2. Athanasiou Politi by-street.
  3. End of M. Methodiou Str and S.Voulgari by-street,
  4. Aristoteli Sideri 2.
  5. Αndrea Dendrinou
  6. Katinas Pappa (1st by-street Ioannou Theotoki, to the right).
  7. Ioannou Theotoki (prior to old green busses station).
  8. Eleutheriou Venizelou, new port (near DEI-old green busses station).
  9. Spilia area, old port-Kaikia, under the new Fortress, (its called:kafe Yali)
  10. Kato Plateia-Spianada, near St Michael & St. George Palace (Asian art museum)

More info: https://www.google.com/maps/search/parking+corfu+town/@39.6255565,19.9192094,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

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