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Greetings of Deputy Mayor of Culture, Sports & Public Relations

Corfu is a place with a strong cultural footprint, where ideas, currents, people and cultures meet and are tested over time. From this fermentation emerges its modern image with classic beauty and timelessness.

The old town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an architectural specimen of exceptional global value that retains its authenticity and integrity!

Everywhere on the island, there are signs of history, evidence of material and intangible culture. The first Greek music band was founded here and opera was played here for the first time in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. The first Greek university was also founded here and the oldest public library in Greece operates on the island. The great diplomat and first Governor in Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, was born here.

Scholars, poets, painters and composers were inspired in this place, leaving their own mark on our cultural reality.

A series of museums of each era host all the findings of the cultures that developed on the island. Great centres of study and culture cultivate, promote knowledge, history and education in order to preserve the cultural identity of the Corfiots and the Ionian Islands in general.

Today, in Corfu, there are 19 philharmonic bands and 37 choirs, which offer free music education and travel to musical events and happenings around the world.

The culture of the island, enriched with all these elements maintains its uniqueness through the components that compose it and keep it alive.

In this context, our Municipality holds a series of cultural events every year with the aim of highlighting this special cultural heritage that is part of the daily life of the people of Corfu.

Unique concerts in the Old Fortress or at the Palko in the Upper Square, magical music nights dedicated to the August full moon, outdoor theatrical performances and a summer cinema against the backdrop of the starry sky, are just some of the options we suggest to the visitor.

In this land, the rich cultural tradition and the contemporary artistic activity are creatively involved and find new ways of expression and communication.

A typical example are the quality artistic proposals with jazz nights by the students of the Ionian University and even the artistic creations of contemporary Greek painters in the excellent garden of our Municipal Gallery.

Folklore events, popular festivals with endless fun and international sports events, contribute significantly to enhancing the experience of the visitor.

The Corfiot carnival with clear influences from Venice and the traditional varkarola with Corfiot serenades and dozens of fireworks illuminating the sea, are alternative entertainment suggestions for lovers of the genre.

The "Christmas Tale", with many artistic events, composes a magical image that highlights the beauty of our Old Town, and creates the right conditions for enjoyable getaways even during the winter.

With a huge heritage of cultural tradition, Easter in Corfu is a special experience.

A display of unique manners and customs make the experience unforgettable with the highlight of the breaking of the "botis " on the morning of Holy Saturday!

This blessed place, where the melodies resonate in the kantounia and everyday life is directly connected with art, culture and sports, we invite you to visit Corfu, to share with us these unforgettable life experiences!


The Deputy Mayor of Culture, Sports

& Public Relations

Chrysoula Tombrou