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Greeting from Deputy Mayor of Tourism

Dear Friends,

Corfu ranks amongst Europe’s most fascinating destinations. Marked by intriguing contrast and consecutive influences, the island is a crossroads of civilizations and colors.
Corfu’s geographical location at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea determined soon its course in time and turned her into a point of communication and exchange of cultural opinions, a protective port, a safe fortification, an important supply junction to the business trips.
The multicultural character of the island is especially obvious in the Old City of Corfu. The narrow paved lanes (kantounia) with the hung out laundry, the flowering bougainvillea, the buildings with traces of Venetian, French and British influences attract any visitor. The local history, the culture and the tradition are thoroughly protected in museums and traditions. The historic center, with the medieval fortresses and the peripheral fortifications, composes a unique architectural ensemble, which in summer 2007 was added to the List of UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments. These fortifications, with most outstanding the Old and the New Fortress, offer a panoramic view of the City and encompass all the major evolutions of the defensive art from the 15th until the 19th century.
Today, the same land keeps inspiring visitors and luring them to follow in the footsteps of history, imprinted on every single corner of the island : findings from the prehistoric and archaic period, masterpieces from the classic antiquity, roman, byzantine and medieval monuments and folk art coexist with the modern way of life.
With internationally recognized philharmonic orchestras and choirs, Corfu is a perennial source of music. This cultural dynamic is prominent in the world of music and is stamped on the religious festivities and music events with exceptional quality.
Villages and traditional settlements, depending on the years they were inhabited, trace back to the Byzantine epoch, the Venetian epoch but also to 20th century folk architecture. Here you will find unique sights to visit including imposing castles as well as collections and museums illustrating the island’s identity in history, art, local habits and customs.
Chic and delicate by nature, Corfu has an unsurpassed natural beauty. The sea, the sun and the wind have carved an impressive
shoreline on the island. Golden sandy and snow-white pebbled beaches, fine carved rocks resembling sculptures from a modern gallery, trees which stretch out their shadow up to the water. With an exceptional geomorphology and notable contrasts, Corfu hosts wetlands of unsurpassed beauty and unique ecosystems, which attract fans of alternative tourism.
Some miles away from Corfu’s cosmopolitan life, some beautiful small islands stand out for their peaceful way of life: Othonoi, Ereikousa and Mathraki. The picturesque settlements and paths, the small traditional taverns and the crystal clear waters compose a “ different ” suggestion for paradise-like holidays, carefreeness and touring in a unique natural landscape.
The upgraded infrastructure and touristic services make Corfu an ideal destination for vacation during all four seasons of the year.
Protected areas of exceptional natural beauty are subject to alternative tourism and attract several target groups. An ideal maritime destination, the island is home to one of the longest marinas in the Mediterranean Sea and attracts sailors from all over the world.
At the same time, the international sports events of cricket, sailing, swimming and running as well as the mountain trails, in combination with the variety of cultural events and feasts that are organized throughout the island, contribute decisively to enhance the emotive experience of the visitor!
With the exceptional local cuisine, promising pleasant gastronomic surprises and an intense cosmopolitan character, Corfu invites you to discover its different aspects.
We will all be here to welcome our friends and to share with them moments of our own everyday life.
A pleasant everyday life, full of light, sea breeze and warm smiles!!!

The Deputy Mayor of Tourism

Panagiotis Varouchas