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Holy Friday

All churches set forth the procession of their flower-covered Holy Sepulchres (i.e. carved wooden biers that symbolize the Tomb of Christ) in well-tempered order. Each is followed by parishioners, and with the participation of marching bands, choral ensembles, local schools, scouts and others. The chorister bodies of each church (especially the Metropolitan and Municipal ones) in deep devotion sing the “Encomia” (Hymns of Praise), whereas marching bands provide appropriate airs in arrangements of music from the western tradition: The Adagio by Tomaso Albinoni (the Corfu Philharmonic Society); Marcia Funebre by Giuseppe
Verdi (the “Mantzaros” Philharmonic Society); and the funeral elegy Sventura by Giuseppe Mariani and Marche Funebre by Frédéric Chopin (the “Kapodistrias” Philharmonic Association).

HOLY FRIDAY Processions

Church of St Eirene (General Hospital)
Chapel of St Artemios (Old Hospital)
Church of the Pantocrator (Campiello)
Church of Our Lady Spelaiotissa (New Fortress: organized by the Naval Station of  Corfu)
Church of St Nikolaos of the Baths (St Nikolaos Gate: organized by the Scouts Association of Corfu)
Church of St George (Old Fortress: organized by OKE)
Church of St Panteleimon (Psychiatric Hospital)
Monastery of St Euphemia (Mon Repos)
Church of the Virgin Mary Our Guide (Porta Remunda: organized by OKE)
Monastery of the Virgin Mary Kassopitra (Figaretto)
Church of the Ascension (Analepsis)
Church of St George (Mandouki)
Church of All Saints (Liston)
Church of the Resurrection (First Municipal Cemetery)
Monastery of the Saints Theodore (Stratia)
Church of St Sophia (Evraike)
Church of St Paraskeve (Porta Remunda)
Church of St Antonios (Spelia)
Church of the Holy Trinity (Garitsa)
Church of SS Constantine and Helen (Koulines)
Church of the Assumption of the Virgin at Mamaloi (Koyevina)
Church of SS Iason and Sosipater (Garitsa)
Church of St Eleutherios (Coffinetta)
Church of the Virgin Mary of Vlachernae (Garitsa)
Church of St Spyridon at Sarocco (Kotsela)
Church of the Three Martyred Saints (Garitsa)
Church of the Virgin Mary Phaneromene / Our Lady of Mainlanders (Plakada)
Church of St Vasileios (Pinia)
Church of St Ioannes the Lazos (Kefalomandouko)
Church of St Varvaros (Potamos)
Church of St Nikolaos (Alykae)
Church of St Nikolaos of the Elders (Campiello)
Church of St Ioannes (Piazza)
Church of SS Giacomo and Cristoforo (the Duomo Catholic Metropolitan church)
Church of St Spyridon; Procession of the Sepulchre within the church with music provided by the Corfu Philharmonic Society.
Metropolitan Church of Our Lady Spelaiotissa (Spelia)

Date & Time

April 14, 2023

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