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Municipal Gallery

The attempt for the reopening of the Municipal Gallery in the palace of Saint Michael and Saint George started in August 1995, during the application of the strategic program for the development of the City of Corfu.
A large collection is exhibited with mainly donated works. The most important donations are the collections of G. Samartzis (42 works), Aglaia Pappa (23 works), Fillipos Macotsi (12 works) and Nikolaos Venturas (2 works).
The biggest part of the collection of the Municipal Gallery consists of works of Corfiot artists of the 19th century (Ch. Pachis, P. Prossalendis the younger, A. Giallinas, V. Boccaciambis, S. Scarvelis, L. Koyevinas, G. Samartzis). During that time (19th century) some of the most characteristic Eptanisian artists are coming forward.

Among the most famous exhibits are: "The Assassination of Capodistrias" by Ch. Pachis, "Markas" and "Flock" by A. Giallinas, "The Sphinx" by Sp. Scarvelis, "Warrior of '21" by Sp. Prossalendis, "Arab Musician" by P. Prossalendis, "The Piano Tuner" by G. Samartzis, works that synopsize the basic trends of the modern Greek Art of the 19th century. The main trends that prevail on the works of the Corfiot artist of the 19th century, have to do with the Academic trends and also with the influence that the Italian painting had on the artists. During the end of the 19th century, the turn of the artists to the impressionistic movement will offer a different but decisive tone to the Corfiot artistic production.

No doubt, the items in the permanent exhibition are indisputable evidence of the artistic and intellectual acme of the island during the last two centuries. Some of the characteristic exhibits or the Municipal Gallery are:

Michael Damaskinos, "The Lapidation of St. Stephen", and "The Beheading of St. John the Baptist".
Ch. Pachis, "The Assassination of Capodistrias". Angelos Giallinas, "Markas".
George Samartzis, "Night in Corfu".
Nikolaos Venturas, "The Vianello canduni".
Nikolaos Venturas, "The Giallinas mansion".
Aglaia Pappa, "Self-portrait".

The Municipal Gallery hosts large periodic exhibitions, as well as young artist exhibitions. The central hall of the Gallery hosts lectures, book presentations, history of Art teachings, and chamber music concerts
Special care is taken and many lectures are given to the young pupils (8-12 years) on history of Art in the Municipal Gallery.


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