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Skripero Philharmonic Band

It was founded on May 3rd, 1909 with the main purpose of teaching music to the children of the locals and with the ultimate goal being the cultural upgrade of the Corfiot countryside. It is the 4th founded philharmonic in Corfu.

In the year 1911 the first 40 instruments and the uniforms of the musicians were bought with a loan obtained by mortgaging the property of the president of the association. It is a non-profit cultural club with the ability to intervene in all local cultural events. Within the association there is a music school with departments of Music Theory, wind and percussion instruments taught by specialised teachers.

Parts of the association are the band, the bandina and the small music ensembles. Since its establishment it has participated in many social, cultural, religious and educational events. The Philharmonic makes about 50 public appearances a year, 10 of which are concerts, both in Corfu and abroad. They have played concerts in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Pyrgos etc. Also in Italy, Austria and Poland.

In March 2009 the Philharmonic presented the 100th anniversary album of the Association while the anniversary events culminated in October 2009 with a concert at the Athens Concert Hall.

Today it has perfect and comfortable rooms for teaching, storage of uniforms, instruments, photographic and archival material. The building is privately owned with a renovated hall of 285 sq.m. and a tent of 70 sq.m.




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