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Alternative Activities in Corfu

Discover the "other side" of Corfu, guided by the mood for adventure, play and exploration!

The Corfiot nature with its rich vegetation, the endless olive groves, the cobbled streets and the walking paths, is offered for a relaxing tour for lovers of the kind. An extensive network of trails connects picturesque settlements and traditional villages along the width and length of the island.

An unforgettable experience is that of the mountain route that ends at the highest mountain of Corfu, Pantokrator, with panoramic views of the Diapontia Islands and the opposite mainland coast! If you still prefer to walk in areas of great ecological value, Lake Antinioti on the north side of the island, Lake Korissia in the southwest and the sand dunes on the beach of Issos, will pleasantly surprise you with the rare vegetation that grows in the sand and the hundreds of birds that take refuge in these great wetlands.

The easy access to the most remote parts of the island, have allowed the organisation of international sports competitions such as mountain running, while in recent years, the international road races held in the UNESCO site heritage of the Old Town of Corfu have gained many fans.

Cycling routes with different levels of difficulty excite the fans of the sport, while the jeep safari through dirt routes is the ultimate fun experience.

If you enjoy horseback riding you will be pleasantly surprised by the countless organised routes on picturesque trails, through the traditional settlements and on the sandy beaches of the island overlooking the blue sea.

The natural beauty of Corfu extends below the surface of the water, with underwater caves, reefs and rich aquatic life. There are several established diving centres throughout the island with a leading diving destination in the bay of Paleokastritsa.

Explore beautiful bays and deserted beaches, accessible exclusively by sea, rent your own boat or choose an organised sea excursion from the professional boatmen of the island.

Water sports are the ultimate summer experience that we suggest you try in one of the dozens of schools operating in Corfu, with great experience and high quality service. Experience the ultimate feeling of freedom with high levels of adrenaline, paragliding or kite surfing on the most beautiful beaches of the island.

With a long tradition in maritime tourism, Corfu hosts one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean, in the bay of Gouvia. Yachts and sailboats from all over the world meet here every summer to enjoy the Ionian Sea, while organised companies will offer you the ultimate sailing vacation package!

If your interest is focused on noble sports with a cosmopolitan mood and a historical review you will be convinced that Corfu is a top choice for sports such as cricket, tennis and golf!

Yoga classes by the sea are the new alternative proposal that is gaining ground on the island, while many villas provide personal training services for those eager to keep fit.

The overall experience in Corfu is completed with quality gastronomic routes and excursions to old olive mills, family farms, traditional olive groves and small wineries where the grapes have the characteristic taste of the Mediterranean land.

A wonderful gastronomic journey, which creatively involves different groups of people and gives new breath to the emblematic products of the island, through the elements of folk tradition, manners and customs.

If the above do not entice you, simply enjoy the warm rays of the sun, swim freely in some of the clearest seas of the Mediterranean, and indulge in the magic of the destination!

The choice is yours alone! Have fun!

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